111 Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract: Side Effects & Reviews (HCA)

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract: Side Effects & Reviews (HCA)

What is Garcinia Cambogia? Another Fad?

Is it a fad? Probably not. There isn’t a single brand exclusively pushing this product. There aren’t really side effects if you get the right product. Who doesn’t want to take a pill to help them lose weight?

Fad diets are those like hydroxycut where you find out awful side effects later, or someone blows up after they go off a the diet, or they get a meal replacement diet like Medifast and have rashes from eating cardboard soup. Not to mention, all of the above are disgusting taste wise as well as inconvenient.

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Side Effects

If you buy a quality garcinia product and follow directions, you aren’t likely to experience any side effects. Yes, there are studies where male rats take an enormous amount of garcinia cambogia and their testicles swell. Scary? Not really unless you are the type to down 60 pills on your first day. Then you might have problems.

On a serious note, side effects from taking more than 3000mg are nausea, gas, bloating, and headache.

Usually what you read about are people who can’t choose a pure garcinia product (and not necessarily the one that calls itself “pure” by name). Sometimes they are a complex and actually use caffeine to fuel the weight loss. That’s not safe, especially with overweight people being more likely to have heart disease.


Almost all garcinia products are the same. So when you read reviews about how much weight someone lost, it doesn’t really help you decide what to buy. What you should care about are the product quality, customer experience, and not getting ripped off.

For this review, we’re talking about VitaWeb garcinia cambogia with 60% HCA. First, it comes sealed in the mail. It’s free shipping if you order a month’s supply. It’s the exact 60% HCA percent that the studies suggest for weight loss. They don’t automatically rebill you (as some of the “claim your free bottle” scams like to do). They tell you if the product isn’t right for you. And they even give a discount on reorders. All around, they are awesome.

If you haven’t heard of Vita-Web, it’s because they’re new. Most brands are bikini-babes and shiny colors. Vita-Web is different. They make me think of that couple who ride their bikes everywhere and has a cabinet full of supplements while the rest of us eat fast food and increase our muffin-tops.

If you order it on Amazon, this is what the bottle looks like:

Or you can click here to check out their website, it’s $20 off for a bottle right now; no coupon code required. And free shipping for the 3-bottle order.


Pure is such an overrated word when describing garcinia products. Think about other “pure” products. If something is “pure” spun cotton and has colors ironed into it, it’s not really that pure. It’s the same way with garcinia. Many products have additives, fillers, and extra junk that can cause side effects or screw up the benefits from taking garcinia. Be weary of those who call themselves pure without showing the actual nutritional label.

This one, on the other hand, IS pure:


Where To Buy

We like Vita-Web’s story, that’s no secret. If you don’t want to buy through their site for whatever paranoid reason you have (it’s PCI compliant and secured), there is always Amazon which Vita-Web will be a part of very soon.